Mar 20




A Bridge Too Far Recordings +The Find Magazine have teamed up to bring us this 19- track album in support of the relief efforts in Japan right now. It’s a great mix of electronic, hip hop, jazz and soul. So, stop watching horrible videos of tsunami destruction and BUY THIS TO HELP!!!

100% profit goes to: Red Cross UK’s Japan Tsunami Appeal

Also, read more here

Mar 14

Shazalakazoo! Balkan FOLKSTEP →

Serbian masters of folkstep!

Free listening, video, and DOWNLOADS.

Mar 09


As always, Akwaaba has the best African mixtapes around!

B. Brave and the Perfect Loosers have compiled a twenty minute mix of hiplife, afro beat, kuduro, and more featuring plenty of Onyenze plus a track from my personal favorite, Jali Bakary Konteh!

The mixtape is only $8 and you can get the megamix for FREE!

Mar 03

LMNZ- Worldwide RAP

Now here’s a fellow who took it upon himself to produce a huge, international, multilingual rap album. The first of its kind? Maybe. WORLDWIDE RAP features 76 Artists from all across the globe rapping and singing in 29 languages. Okay. Pretty impressive.

LMNZ is from Berlin, Germany and he’s pretty much dedicated his life to uniting hip hop and rap artists from around the world. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Sound Recording. LMNZ’s beats are featured on the album and they take on a jazzy, funky feeling, while incorporating elements of what we might call a ‘world music’ sound.

Here’s a radio interview with this ambitious gentleman Have a listen to WORLDWIDE RAP:

If you want to support this project, BUY THE ALBUM: Just write to fans@worldwide-rap.com with your address. It’s a mere 10€ + shipping costs.

Mar 03


This Chilean-French emcee darling has made a name for herself in both the Latin American rap and mainstream pop markets, and even sang in a Chilean funk band for a bit. She first tasted success in Latin America as part of the widely successful hip hop group Makiza, before branching off to explore her own career as a solo artist. Collaborating with Mexican rock star Julieta Venegas on her the track, “Eres Para Mi” put Tijoux on the mainstream radar.

She’s released two solo albums as a rap artist, combining jazzy influences, a laid back flow, and some damn good beats. No wonder she’s been nominated for a Grammy this year!

Download the Great Big Elephant Mixtape. It includes fresh tracks plus mixes of her big hits like, “1977”:


Feb 14

OH LAND (Denmark)


Perez Hilton approves and MTV is all over OH LAND, Denmark’s latest indie dreamer.

For singer and producer, Nanna Øland Fabricius, Oh Land is as much about performance as it is about blending quirky melodies, ghostly electronica, and female indie sensibility. Fabricius grew up just outside of Copenhagen and trained for years as a ballet dancer.

  In 2008 Scandinavian tastemaker and DJ, Kasper Bjorke, released Oh Land’s self-produced debut album, Fauna. The second album is due out March 15th and features the well-received single “Sun of a Gun.

Oh Land “Sun of a Gun” from Oh Land Music on Vimeo.

You’re definitely going to want to see her live, lucky for you she’s touring the U.S. RIGHT NOW. Check out Oh Land’s sweet website for dates: http://www.ohlandmusic.com/

Feb 13


To say “rap” in Chinese, you would say “shuōchàng," which means "narrative." As hip-hop travels around the world it encounters new languages, and the speakers of those languages encounter the problem of adapting their speech in to a flow.

In Chinese hip-hop history, many would credit SBAZZO, originally from the Yin Ts’ang crew, with making Mandarin and hip-hop mix. Naturally, he cites Nas, Rakim, and Biggie as his idols. Although Sbazzo grew up in Toronto, the success he has found in his home country has undoubtedly fostered the growth of Chinese hip hop over the past ten years.

[photo via Yin Ts’ang Flickr]


Feb 10


[image via Brooklyn Vegan]

I had the great fortune of meeting Blitz the Ambassador the other night. He spoke at a panel hosted by Society HAE. Blitz was born and raised in Accra, Ghana and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. He draws musical inspiration from his African heritage, favors an ‘old school’ hip-hop break beat style, and often experiments with diverse instrumentation. His lyrics are usually on a social tip.

He developed a name for himself as a hip-hop artist while studying at Kent State in the US. Today, he is four albums deep and touring worldwide. He’s opened for Nas, Big Daddy Kane, and Public Enemy and started his own label and management company called Embassy MVMT.His most recent album, Stereotype, even features a full string orchestra, horn ensemble and choir (a la Kanye in the early years).

[Image via soulculture.com]

Blitz is dedicated, like the Roots, to a live band hip-hop experience. He insists that you can’t feel his music until you see him perform live with his six-piece “Mighty Embassy Ensemble.”

You gotta check this live performance out. It’s an MTVu Live Session featuring a 12 piece band. DOPE:

There’s a TON of Blitz’s music available for FREE on RCRDLBL: CHECK IT OUT.

Blitz the Ambassador

Feb 09

 ”MR. ENDOWED remix” feat. SNOOP DOGG

((((((Video directed by Sesan and shot on location in L.A.))))))

(photo via AfricaUnsigned.com)

D’banj is a Nigerian singer and songwriter who’s released three records since his debut in 2005. He cites Fela as a mentor and claims to re-energize Afro-beat word wide. While his music may fall more under the Afro-pop label, D’banj’s determination has awarded him international appeal and a video deal with rap king Snoop Dogg.

Mo’ Hits records continues to be at the forefront of Nigerian music production and promotion.

 D’banj has won a number of awards including MTV Africa Music awards for Best Male (2008), Artist of the Year (2008,2009) and Most Promising Male Artist (KORA All African Awards 2005).

As far as positive activism is concerned, D’banj is a founder of Koko Foundation for Youth and Peace Development and Nigeria’s first United Nation’s Youth Ambassador for Peace.

Feb 05


MTV calls their music “campfire pop.” It’s certainly got that “barefoot” feel, but this is pure ear candy. As it turns out, Onda Vaga came together in the Buenos Aires beach town of Cabo Polonio. Their five-piece conjures a cornucopia of instruments, from the trombone to a loosely stringed classical guitar.They released their second album, Espíritu Salvaje (Wild Spirit) last year.

Definitely check out their AWESOME take away shows for La Blogotheque.

I’m totally into this video for "Mambeado":

Their Myspace has more tunes…